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Intentional Laughter and Play
Designed to Revive Your Zest for Life!

Laugh More + Stress Less

I'm Michele, An Expert at showing people how Laughter can be practiced as an exercise
to reduce stress, become more playful and live a joyful life.

Laughter Yoga is a fun and unique form of yoga that harnesses the power of intentional laughter in the body to stimulate a release of feel good and healing hormones such as endorphins and dopamine. Science has shown us that the body responds positively to laughter, whether anything is funny or not, and we can quickly become relaxed, euphoric and a little giddy when we giggle. Many people agree that "Laughter is the Best Medicine" and yet we often find that when we need a dose of laughter, nothing is funny and laughter feels unavailable to us. By practicing Laughter Yoga as an exercise, like we would do bicep curls or push ups to strengthen our arms, we make our laughter hearty, reliable and easier to access when we need it most.

It is a common perception that we need something to be funny in order to laugh. There are actually many different reasons why we laugh and humor is only one of them. We also laugh to create social bonds, to express affection, because we're nervous and to let others know that we agree we're playing. Laughter is very complex!! Regardless of what stimulated the laughter it always makes us feel better than we did before laughing. I advise my clients to get creative and integrate micro-experiences of laughter into their day especially when they're feeling anxious, disappointed, frustrated or sad. While we generally associate laughter with happiness, it can also boost confidence, intelligence, creativity and relaxation. As little as 5 minutes of laughter can soothe your body and prepare your mind to be on the look out for a positive outcome. It is really the most direct route I know to get in peak form. 

I have over 20 years experience helping my clients navigate this curious place where they're laughing and don't really know why. My comprehensive understanding of how laughter benefits the entire person and organization comes into play as I design programs and activities that make laughter accessible and enjoyable to all. My core belief is that laughter elevates us to the highest and best version of ourselves and can transform our lives. 


Anyone can do it! Lots of Fun!!


“I'm so amazed the impact laughter yoga has had on my life! The biggest change I noticed was that I gained confidence in myself and my self-esteem rose!”


“Such a unique experience! I always leave feeling better than I did when I got there.”


“I'm a bit addicted to it now. Blissfully and Joyfully addicted! Thank you!!”


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to revive your zest for life!


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